Band Boosters

The Catalina Foothills High School (CFHS) Band Booster Organization is very proud of the our award-winning music program.  We have the largest high school marching band in the State of Arizona, with well over 250 instrumental and Colorguard Students.  We have more than 100 additional students who participate in jazz, concert, steel drum and small ensembles.  Our groups have a reputation for excellence, receiving multiple awards each year and state-wide competitions.

Did you know that it costs close to $1000 in bus and truck rentals to transport the CFHS marching band to an in-town competition?   It costs about $500 to place one student in a marching uniform!Add the costs of salaries to teacher and coaches, flags, rifles and accessories, instrument maintenance, music license fees, competition fees, marching show choreography, student leadership and master musician classes, and more, and soon one understands what it takes to sustain a music program of this caliber.

Funding from the Catalina Foothills School District is only able to meet a portion of the CFHS music program’s estimated budget.

How does the Band Boosters support the band?

  1. Fundraisers:  Band Booster fundraising activities help cover the difference between what the District is able to contribute and what the band program requires to maintain excellence.
  2. Volunteer Support:  Band Booster parent volunteers fill many roles, from fundraising, chairing committees, baking, sewing, copying, computer work, chaperoning, heavy lifting, feeding the kids, taking pictures, and much more.   When you consider volunteering in any capacity, rest assured that there are many seasoned volunteers to help you learn the job.
  3. Band Camp Costs / Student Accounts:  Band Boosters help with Band Camp and volunteer events for students who wish to raise funds for their personal student accounts to help pay for travel fees.

Join the Band Boosters!

Your $35 membership dues entitles you to 2 tickets to all Band Concerts (excluding football games)!  You can even buy an extra membership for grandparents or friends!  Monthly band booster meetings are a great way to stay informed and get involved.  We welcome every volunteer and have a variety of jobs.  Come be a part of all the fun and memories! Join Now

Your 2021-2023 Booster Executive Team is: 

President: Heather Blakely
Vice Presidents: Jerri Fields, Kristen Pawloski
Secretary:  Jacquelyn Davoli
Treasurer:  Holly Leonard

Your 2021-22 Booster Executive Team was:

President: Tami Chaffee
Vice Presidents: Heather Blakely, Kristen Pawloski
Secretary:  EB Kamp
Treasurer:  Ann DeWilde

To join the Band Boosters, sign up as part of the Summer Boosters Accessories payment, or for other times of the year, contact the Band Boosters at