Basha’s Community Card

How the Community Card benefits both parents and the Falcon Bands

Each time you load money onto the Community Card, Basha’s donates 6% to the CFHS Band Boosters.  We in turn allocate 1.5% to your student’s account and 4.5% to the Band General fund.  You can use your student’s account to pay for Band Travel and Band Camp.

How to use the Community Card

You can use the Community Card to pay at Basha’s, AJs, and Food City throughout Arizona.  It also works at the Starbucks inside Basha’s stores.  When you receive your card, it comes pre-loaded with $5.  Either at the Customer Service desk or at the normal check out, ask the cashier to load the card prior to when they start scanning your items.  You can load the Community Card up to $500 with any credit card so that you will receive your points/miles/etc from that card.  After your items are scanned, use the Community Card to pay.   It is that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do the cards cost $5?  The cards come pre-loaded with $5, so you get that back the first time you use it.  The Community Card acts like a debit card and there are no charges for using or reloading the card.  So, it costs nothing to use.  

Can multiple cards be linked to my student’s account?   Yes, ask your neighbors, friends and extended family members who shop at Basha’s/AJs/Food City to use the Community Card.  You can buy multiple cards that are linked to your student’s account, and sell/give them to your friends and family.  Your student’s account will grow by 1.5% of each month’s purchases.  You could accrue a significant credit toward Band Travel and Band Camp.  The Band Boosters treasurer can provide you with your student’s account balance.

What if I have problems using the card?  The Community Cards use a magnetic strip, not a chip, so after a lot of usage you can start having a few issues when swiping.  If the card does not successfully swipe three times, the cashier can scan the bar code on the back to debit the purchase from the card.  If you have issues multiple times, contact the band boosters at to get a new card.  We also have a record of each card number so you will not lose any credit on the card if it stops working.

What if my student leaves band, what happens?  You can continue to use the Community Card and accrue credit in your student’s account.   The credit can either be used by the student if they return to band in the future; or it can be transferred to another sibling; or once your students all graduate, it will be transferred to the Band General Fund.  We still have several alumni families using the cards and generating 6% earnings back to the General Band Fund.

Can I transfer the Community Card I have to support the Falcon Bands? No. Each community card issued by Basha’s is pre-assigned to a particular community group. You will need to get a card from us to accrue funds in your student account.

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